Expressions with Names

There is something peculiar with the English language. Many popular expressions contain someone's name. Here is a small example. ;
  1. For Pete's sake
  2. Geez Louise (Like darn, used in frustrated disbelief - Thank you: Rogy)
  3. Generous George
  4. Get back!, Jack!
  5. Gloomy Gus (Thank you: MH)
  6. Good job, Bob!
  7. Great Scott (Thank you: MTLJ)
  8. Hairy Harry (A very hairy man - Thank you: Kyle)
  9. Happy as Larry (As happy as can be - Thank you: Staralfur)
  10. Harvey Wallbanger (A type of cocktail -Thank you: Christine K)
  11. He doesn't know whether he's Arthur or Martha (Thank you: Staralfur)
  12. Heavens to Betsy (1800's expression with vague origins - Thank you: HJS)
  13. Hell's bells, Martha! (An exclamation - Thank you: Jaclyn)
  14. Hey Joe, what do you know? (Thank you: anjanet)
  15. Holy Moses (Exclamation - Thank you: NIS)
  16. Honest Abe (After president Abraham Lincoln, who was very hontest - Thank you: Meeks)
  17. Honest John (Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  18. I don't think so Tim (Thank you: Bodi)
  19. In like Flynn (Successful! - Thank you: CJ)
  20. Jack of all trades
  21. Jack Shit (To know Jack Shit is to know nothing - Thank you: MTLJ)
  22. Jack squat (Politer than Jack shit, maybe; meaning "nothing"; even shorter, "You know Jack about..." - Thank you: GPK)
  23. Jack-in-the-box (Child's toy - Thank you: Staralfur)
  24. Jazzy Joe (To be groovy - Thank you: Lexi)
  25. Jeez Wayne - EXclamations (Thank you: Tekewena)

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