You know more French than you think

You probably know more French than you realize. These are a few phrases which may have come out your mouth at one time or another. ;
  1. Á la carte - On the menu (items individually priced)
  2. Á la mode - In fashion (add ice cream to it)
  3. À propos de - Apropos, on the subject of
  4. A la Meuniere - The way of the milling lady (sprinkle some flour and then fry it)
  5. A la Parmentier - The way of Mr. Parmentier (with potatoes, Antoinne-Augustin Parmentier proposed that potatoes were good for people, not just pigs)
  6. Adieu - until God (Goodbye)
  7. Agent provocateur - Inciting agent
  8. Aide-mémoire - Memory aid
  9. Amuse-bouche - Mouth amuser
  10. Appellation contrôlée - Officially certified origin
  11. Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée - Controlled name of origin (If it is not produced here, you cannot call it that)
  12. Après-ski - After Skiing
  13. Arriviste - A person who just arrived
  14. Art déco - Decorative arts
  15. Art nouveau - New art
  16. Au contraire - On the contrary
  17. Au fait - Informed
  18. Au gratin - With the scraping (With bread crumbs or cheese baked on top)
  19. Au jus - With the juice (Served with the natural juices that flow from the meat as it cooks)
  20. Au naturel - In the natural state (Uncooked or cooked plainly)
  21. Au Pair - At the pair (young person hired as baby-sitter in exchange for room, board and little money)
  22. Avalanche - Snow slide
  23. Beacoup [bucks, etc.] - A lot of [...] (Thank you: Jaime Ash)
  24. Bijou - Jewel
  25. Blanc de blanc - White of white (White wine produced using only white grapes)

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