Spanish Phrases

You probably know more Spanish than you realize. These are a few phrases that may have come out your mouth one time or another. ;
  1. Adios amigo - Goodbye friend.
  2. Feliz Año Nuevo - Happy New Year (I love new years- Thank you: CJ)
  3. Feliz cumpleaños - Happy Birthday (Thank you: Jack)
  4. Feliz Navidad - Merry Christmas (Song popularized by José Feliciano)
  5. Gusto de conocerte - Nice to meet you (Thank you: Juan Machuca)
  6. Hasta la vista - Untill sight (See you later, popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator 2)
  7. Hola amigos - Hello friends (Greeting)
  8. Hola, ¿cómo estás? - Hi, how are you? (Thank you: Jennifer rodas)
  9. Mañana - Tomorrow (not today)
  10. Manos arriba, Federales - Hands up, Federal Officer (Border Patrol saying - Thank you: J.T.)
  11. Mi casa es su casa - My home is your home (Hospitality)
  12. Muchas manos matan la guagua - Too many hands kill the baby (There are too many hands in the cookie jar - Thank you: Tomas Bradanovic)
  13. Que onda! - What's up! (Thank you: Roy)
  14. Que pasa? - What's going on?
  15. Que será, será - Whatever will be, will be (Song popularized by Doris Day in 1956 and appeared in the Alfred Hitchcock's movie: The Man who new too much )
  16. Quien madruga dios lo ayuda - God helps those who wake up early
  17. Salud, Dinero y Amor... y tiempo para gastarlos - Health, Wealth and Love .. and time to spend them (Toast)
  18. Vaya con Dios - Go with God (Frequently used to say goodbye. - Thank you: Jack)
  19. Yo no he sido - I didn´t do it (Thank you: Irene)
  20. Zapatero a tus zapatos - Shoemaker mind your shoes (Keep to your own areas of expertise - Thank you: Owwy)

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