Expressions with Names

There is something peculiar with the English language. Many popular expressions contain someone's name. Here is a small example. ;
  1. Chatty Kathy (or Cathy - Thank you: Tonya)
  2. Clever Dick (A "Know- it- all" - Thank you: MH)
  3. Clive-Built (Well constructed, as opposed to Jerry-built or Jerry-rigged - Thank you: Staralfur)
  4. Cool Hand Luke (Thank you: MTLJ)
  5. Crazy Carrie (From the movie Carrie - Thank you: Christine)
  6. Crying Ryan (Thank you: MTLJ)
  7. Cup of Joe (Coffee)
  8. Curious George (Thank you: MTLJ)
  9. Dapper Dan man (Thank you: Penguinstein)
  10. Dear John letter (A letter written to a man by his romantic partner to inform him their relationship is over - Thank you: Justin Huang)
  11. Debbie Downer. (Someone who's always negative. - Thank you: Tami Bruce)
  12. Dizzy Lizzy (Doesn't know anything, stupid)
  13. Don't know from Adam
  14. Doubting Thomas (Unbeliever - Thank you: Tom)
  15. Douglas Doright (Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  16. Drop Dead Fred (Thank you: MTLJ)
  17. Dumbell Dora (a Charles Dickens character - Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  18. Elementary, my dear Watson. (This name corresponds to Sherlock Holmes' best friend, called Mr. Watson, who was a doctor. - Thank you: Christian Barandica)
  19. Even Steven
  20. Fancy Nancy (Thank you: MTLJ)
  21. Fanny's your aunt (Usually follows 'Bob's your uncle', meaning 'there you have it!' - Thank you: Mia)
  22. Farty Arty (Stop being a farty Arty!) (some one that expels a lot of flatulence - Thank you: Marge)
  23. Fertile Fanny (easy fertility)
  24. Fertile Mertile (Easily impregnated - Thank you: MH)
  25. Flousy Lucy (Thank you: MTLJ)

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