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A proverb is an ancient saying, of unknown authorship, that transmits the wisdom of a group of people. Before people knew how to read and write, they passed knowledge by word of mouth. The word proverb comes from Latin proverbium formed by the prefix pro- (for, before) and verbum (word). Here is a short list of proberbs. ;
  1. A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. - (Chinese)
  2. A book holds a house of gold. (Chinese)
  3. A cat in gloves catches no mice. - (French)
  4. A fault once denied, is twice committed. - (French)
  5. A goat can never sit like a dog. If it tries to it will fall. (Nigeria - Thank you: George Samuel)
  6. A holy place is never empty. - (Russian)
  7. A man who lives in a glass house should dress in the basement (USA - self explanatory - Thank you: Jeff Dunn)
  8. A proverb makes a meaning when you become a victim (Uganda - Thank you: Alexander Mugume)
  9. A rat who gnaws at a cat's tail invites destruction. - (Chinese)
  10. A sleeping man achieves nothing but dreams. (Nigeria - Thank you: Fitz)
  11. A snake seen by one person, simply become a python. (Sierra Leone, West Africa - Thank you: Saidu Sefoi)
  12. A stranger nearby is better than a far-away relative. (Korean)
  13. An old horse won't spoil the furrow, but won't plough a new one either. - (Russian)
  14. As the rat between the paws of the leopard, tempt me not (USA - Thank you: J.T.)
  15. Avoid tying your shoes among the strawberry field – it looks very suspicious from a distance. (Chinese - Thank you Fred Tse)
  16. Befriend the devil until you cross the bridge. (Romania - Fă-te frate cu dracul, până treci puntea - Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true - Thank you: Ileana Dascalu)
  17. Big horse, even if it does not trot. - (Spanish)
  18. By their fruit we shall know them. (Nigeria - Thank you: Abdul Yusuf Abdul Yaqqin)
  19. Cold hands, warm heart (Spanish - Thank you: Staralfur)
  20. Create fame, and go to sleep. - (Spanish)
  21. Daca prostie ar dure, cite zipete pe lume! (Rumania - If stupidity would give pain, whole world would scream! - Thank you: Koon Wijekoon)
  22. Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom. (Chinese)
  23. Do not check the teeth of a horse given as a present'. - (Spanish)
  24. Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your neighbors (Czech)
  25. Do not remove a fly from your friend's forehead with a hatchet. (Chinese)
  26. Don't judge a person by their face (American - Thank you: Abbi)
  27. Don't look for sleeves on a vest. (Spanish - Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. - Thank you: Eli Gerbich)
  28. Dress me up slowly, I am in a hurry (Spanish - If you do things too fast, it will take longer, since you will have to do it again to fix mistakes)
  29. Fall seven times, stand up eight. (Japanese)
  30. For women: Cold hands, warm heart. For men: Small feet, big... did I ever tell you that my feet are only a size 8? (USA - Thank you: Noah)
  31. Fortune and fatigue do not sleep together.- (Russian)
  32. Friends are lost by calling often and calling seldom. - (French)
  33. Full stomach, happy heart. (Spanish)
  34. Go where you look, or look where you go. (Sri Lanka - Thank you: Koon Wijekoon)
  35. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. (Thank you: DLB)
  36. Good medicine may taste bad but good for the body. Likewise, honest feedbacks are difficult to take in but good for the future. (Chinese - Thank you: Fred Tse)
  37. Hard proverbs from the beginning (Nigeria - Need them badly to go on and have a way to go on with life? - Thank you: Kazeem)
  38. He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. (Chinese)
  39. He who does not take risks, does not drink champagne.- (Russian)
  40. He who laughs last laughs longest. - (Spanish)
  41. He who say evil about someone to you will one day say evil about you to someone, so be careful. (Sierra Leone, West Africa - Thank you: Saidu Sefoi)
  42. He who takes on too much, will wind up with little. (Spanish - Thank you: Eli Gerbich)
  43. How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward. - (Spanish)
  44. Hunger is the best sauce. - (French)
  45. I dont care how the woman suffers, all I care is the baby crying (Ghana - Thank you: Princes Asiamah Darkwa)
  46. I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I write and I understand (Chinese)
  47. If the cow gives milk as a healthy food, why ask whether she is black or white? (Sri Lanka - Thank you: Koon Wijekoon)
  48. If there is no wind, row. (Latin)
  49. If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed (Chinese - Thank you: Catou)
  50. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. - (French)
  51. If you bow at all, bow low. (Chinese)
  52. If you do not study hard when young you'll end up bewailing your failures as you grow up. (Chinese)
  53. In a blacksmith's house all knives are wooden - (Spanish)
  54. In a country where no one has a nose, a half-nosed man will be the king. (India - mediocrity is accepted in a less sophisticated community - Thank you: Witty)
  55. It is not enough to run, one must start in time. - (French)
  56. It is what you meet on a ridge, that is used for mulching. (Nigeria - Accept to whichever situation you found yourself. - Thank you: Aliyu Momoh Jimoh)
  57. Kill one to warn a hundred. (Chinese)
  58. Learned is meager unlearned is enormous. (India - Thank you: Mich)
  59. Moon ah run but day ah ketch am (Guyanese - Do not try to hide when doing anything you will be caughtGuyanese - You may run away now, but you will be caught one day - Thank you: Claudia Robinson)
  60. No matter how high the iroko tree chases the cloud, the cloud will never be its destination (Sierra Leone, Freetown Rd Wilberforce - What is meant for you will always be for you and what doesn't belong to you will never be yours - Thank you: Zein Souma)
  61. No wind, no waves. (Chinese)
  62. Nothing brings peace and quiet like the racking of a pump shotgun (USA - Thank you: J.T.)
  63. Nothing is as burdensome as a secret. - (French)
  64. Old age is not happiness. - (Russian)
  65. Old love never rusts. (US - Thank you: Delores)
  66. One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of being choked. (Chinese)
  67. One who sleeps with dogs, wakes up with flies! (Sri Lanka - Thank you: Koon Wijekoon)
  68. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. - (French)
  69. Praying to God but hitting with the mallet. - (Spanish)
  70. Raise crows and they will peck your eyes out. - (Spanish)
  71. Shrimp that is asleep is swept by the current. - (Spanish)
  72. The devil shits on a big pile (The Netherlands - De duivel schijt op een grote hoop - Rich people get ever more money, the poor do not - Thank you: Willem Ernst)
  73. The future is purchased by the present. - (French)
  74. The greatest soldier is one who has laid arms to destroy all his bad deeds yesterday and show a peaceful and positive character today (Sierraleone - Our business in life is not to be ahead of others or to recreate, but to outstrip our negative yesterday by our positive today. - Thank you: Zein Souma of Wilberforce)
  75. The longer the night lasts, the more dreams you'll have. (Chinese)
  76. The master only opens the door. You must enter by yourself. (Chinese)
  77. The older you get the golder you become. (United Kingdom - As you get older you become wiser - Thank you: Muhibul Haq)
  78. The rich man thinks of next year, the poor man of the present moment. (Japanese)
  79. The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure. (Tibetan).
  80. The spoon is of most value in time for supper. (Russian Saying)
  81. The sun doesn't shine on the same dog's ass all the time (USA - Thank you: Mike)
  82. The sun will shine into our yard too. - (Russian)
  83. The wolf changes its fur, but not its vice. (Romanian - Thank you: Ileana Dascalu)
  84. Theoretical insights flourish best when the thinker is apparently wasting time. (Down time is good for clear thinking. Also don't jump on someone looks like doing nothing. - Thank you: Fred Tse )
  85. Those who live the longest, see the most. - (French)
  86. To teach is to learn (Latin - Thank you: Don Huntsman)
  87. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians (English - The ratio of bosses to workers is out of kilter - Thank you: Staralfur)
  88. Two plus two may be four, but 8 plus 8 is more. (American)
  89. Used your tongue count your teeth (Nigerian)
  90. We see faces, but we do not know about hearts. - (Spanish)
  91. Where you find fault with something, come and give a hand. (German)
  92. Wherever you go, do the things you see. - (Spanish)
  93. Wisdom is justified by her actions (South Africa - All God's deeds are best - Thank you: S.F DLAMINI)
  94. You don't need a mirror, to see the bangles you are waring. (India - Your fault will find you - Thank you: wjcoutinholtk)

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